Class 5 - Geometry

(Sample Online worksheet)

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

1)How many circles can be drawn with a given center ?
a. unlimited b. 5
c. 986 d. 1
2)The minimum number of line segments that are need to form a closed figure is
a. Three b. Two
c. Four d. One
3)What is the value of the angle CBD below

a. 125 b. 132
c. 139 d. 108
4)The number of diameters that can be drawn in a circle are
a. Countless b. Two
c. One d. Zero
5)What is the angle formed by two perpendicular lines?
a. 90 b. 76
c. 38 d. 0
6)Angle ∠R is a right angle, and PS and QS are bisector of angles ∠P and ∠Q respectively. Find the angle ∠PSQ.

a. 140 b. 145
c. 130 d. 135

Fill in the blanks

7)A diameter divides a circle in   equal parts.
8)The chord of a circle can be smaller than its diameter (True/False):
9)A triangle has three angles, which we call the first, second and third angle here. The second angle is twice the first angle. The third angle is 129. The first angle is .
10)The line segment whose endpoints lie on the circumference of a circle, but which is smaller than the diameter of the circle, is called its
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