Class 5 - Geometry

(Sample Printed worksheet)

Answer The Following

1)What is the angle formed by two perpendicular lines?
2)A pair of vertically opposite angles are also supplementary angles. Provide the value of either of the angles.
3)If an angle is  
  of it's supplementary angle, then what is the value of that angle?
4)If angle ∠BDC and ∠ACB are right angle, find value of angle ∠CBD

5)What term can be used to describe two line that meet each other at an angle of 90 degrees?

Fill in the blanks

6)A triangle has three angles, which we call the first, second and third angle here. The second angle is twice the first angle. The third angle is 78. The first angle is .
7)If a triangle ABC is drawn so that sides AB and AC are equal and angle C is 10, then the value of angle A is .
8)We know that a triangle has 3 corners. Given shape has corners.

9)NOTE: Assume that the value of "pi" (ratio of the circle's circumference to diameter) is 22/7.
If the radius of a circle is 523.6 mm then the circumference is mm

Choose correct answer(s) from given choice

10)In a right angle triangle, one of the angles is 29. Which of the following can be another of the angles in the triangle?
a. 60 b. 62
c. 151 d. 61


1) 90

2) Both angles are 90

3) 15

4) 35

5) Perpendicular lines

10) d. 61
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