Class 10 Maths

Class 10 (All topics)

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Real Numbers
   Euclid's Division Lemma
   The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
   Revisiting Irrational Numbers
   Zeros of a Quadratic Polynomial and Relation Between Its Zeroes and Coefficients
   Zeros of a Cubic Polynomial and Relation Between Its Zeroes and Coefficients
   Division Algorithm for Polynomials
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
   Forming Linear Equations Under the Given Conditions
   Solutions of a Linear Equation
   Solving a System of Simultaneous Linear Equations
   Conditions for Solvability of a System of Linear Equations
   Word Problems on Linear Equations in two variables
Quadratic Equations
   Identify Quadratic Equations
   Verify Solutions of a Quadratic Equation
   Solve Quadratic Equations by Factorization
   Solve Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square
   Solve Quadratic Equations by Using Quadratic Formula
   Nature of Roots of a Quadratic Equation
   Word Problems on Quadratic Equations
Arithmetic Progressions
   Tell if a Progression is an Arithmetic Progression (AP)
   Find the First Term, Common Difference or the Next Term in an Arithmetic Progression (AP)
   Find the Unknown Variable(s) in an Arithmetic Progression (AP)
   Find the Numbers in AP Under Specified Conditions
   General Term (nth Term) of an Arithmetic Progression (AP)
   General Term (nth Term) from the End of an Arithmetic Progression (AP)
   Arithmetic Mean
   Sum of n Terms of an Arithmetic Progression (AP)
   Word Problems on Arithmetic Progressions (AP)
   Basic Proportionality Theorem (Thales's Theorem) and its Applications
   Angle-Bisector Theorem and its Applications
   Similar Triangles
   Pythagoras Theorem, Related Results and Problems
Coordinate Geometry
   Distance Between Two Points
   Section Formula and Midpoint Formula
   Centroid of a Triangle
   Area of a Triangle
   Area of a Parallelogram
Introduction to Trigonometry
   Trigonometric Ratios
   Trigonometric Ratios of Angles 0, 30, 45, 60, and 90 degrees
   Trigonometric Ratios of Complementary Angles
   Trigonometric Identities
Some Applications of Trigonometry
   Heights and Distances
   Theorems and Results Related to Tangents of Circles
   Division of a Line Segment
   Construction of Triangles
   Construction of Tangents to a Circle
Areas Related to Circle
   Area and Circumference of a Circle
   Area and Circumference of a Semi-Circle
   Area and Circumference of a Circular Ring
   Area of a Sector, Segment and Length of the Arc
   Word Problems on Area Related to Circle
Surface Areas and Volumes
   Volume and Surface Area of Solids
   Mean of Grouped Data
   Median for Grouped Data
   Mode of Grouped Data
   Miscellaneous Questions on Mean, Mode and Median of Grouped Data
   Card Problems
   Dice Problems
   Coin Problems
   Other Problems
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