Class 3 Maths

Class 3 (All topics)

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   Representation of Numbers
   Forming Numbers
   Face Value and Place Value
   Numbers in Expanded Form
   Successor and Predecessor
   Skip Counting
   Even and Odd Numbers
   Comparison of numbers
   Ascending Order and Descending Order
Roman Numerals
   Basic Symbols to Write Roman Numerals
   Basic Rules to Form Roman Numerals
   Working with Roman Numerals
Addition and Subtraction
   Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Mixed Operations
   Word Problems on Mixed Operations
   Express Money in Words
   Express Money in Figures
   Convert to Paise
   Convert from Paise
   Addition of Money
   Subtraction of money
   Multiplication of Money by a Whole Number
   Word problems on money
   Knowing Fractions
   Representing Fractions
   Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction
   Like and Unlike Fractions
   Compare Like Fractions
   Order Like Fractions
   Decimal Numbers as Fractions
   Arithmetic with Fractions
   Word Problems: Arithmetic with Fractions
   Measurement of Length
   Measurement of Weight
   Measurement of Capacity/Volume
   Express Time Using A.M. and P.M.
   Elapsed Time
   Convert from One Unit of Time to Other
   Days, Weeks, Months and Years
   Word Problems on Calendar
   Point, Line Segment, Line and Ray
   More About Points, Line Segments, Lines, and Rays
   Triangle, Quadrilateral, Rectangle, Square, and Circle
   Tiling Geometrical Shapes
   Concept of Symmetry
   Identifying Symmetry in Shapes
   Create Symmetric Shapes
Data Interpretation
   Tally Marks
   Bar Graphs
Logical Reasoning
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