Class 3 Maths

Class 3 (All topics)

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   Representation of Numbers
   Face Value and Place Value
   Numbers in Expanded Form
   Successor and Predecessor
   Skip Counting
   Comparison of numbers
   Ascending Order and Descending Order
   Forming Numbers
Roman Numerals
   Introduction to Roman Numerals
   Write Roman Numerals for Hindu-Arabic Numerals
   Write Hindu-Arabic Numerals for Roman Numerals
   Meaningless Roman Numerals
   Compare Roman Numerals
   Operations on Roman Numerals
   Addendum and Sum
   Addition Without Carrying
   Addition with Carrying
   Properties of Addition
   Word Problems on Addition
   Subtraction Without Borrowing
   Subtraction With Borrowing
   Properties of Subtraction
   Word Problems on Subtraction
Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction
   Multiplication as Repeated Addition
   Multiplication Tables from 2 to 10
   Multiplication By 1-Digit Numbers
   Multiplication Tables from 11 to 20
   Multiplication By 2-Digit Numbers
   Multiplication by 10,100, and 1000
   Multiplication by 20,30,40....90
   Multiplication by 200,300,400....900
   Properties of Multiplication
   Word Problems on Multiplication
   Division as Distribution
   Division as Forming Groups
   Division as Repeated Subtraction
   Division on the Number Line
   Relation Between Multiplication and Division
   Divisor, Quotient, Dividend and Remainder
   Properties of Division
   Division Without Remainder using Long Division Method
   Division With Remainder using Long Division Method
   Division by 10
   Word Problems on Division (Without Remainder)
   Word Problems on Division (With Remainder)
   Express Money in Words
   Express Money in Figures
   Convert to Paise
   Convert from Paise
   Addition of Money
   Subtraction of money
   Multiplication of Money by a Whole Number
   Word problems on money
   Fraction as a Part of a Whole
   Fractional Numbers and Fractions
   Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction
   Fractional Part of a Collection
   Word Problems on Fractions
Measurement of Length
   Measures of Length
   Devices to Measure Length
   Conversion of Metres into Centimetres and Vice Versa
   Conversion of Kilometres into Metres and Vice Versa
   Compare Metric Units of Length
   Addition of Lengths
   Subtraction of Lengths
   Word Problems on Length
Measurement of Weight
   Metric Units of Weight
   Weighing Objects
   Conversion of Grams into Kilograms
   Conversion of Kilograms into Grams
   Compare Metric Units of Weight
   Addition of Weights
   Subtraction of Weights
   Word Problems on Weight
Measurement of Capacity/Volume
   Metric Units of Capacity/Volume
   Measuring Capacity/Volume Using Reference Containers
   Conversio of Litres into Millilitres
   Convert Millilitres into Litres
   Compare Metric Units of Capacity/Volume
   Addition of Capacities/Volumes
   Subtraction of Capacities/Volumes
   Word Problems on Capacity/Volume
   Days, Weeks, Months and Years
   Word Problems on Calendar
   Point, Line Segment, Line and Ray
   Plane Shapes (Triangle, Quadrilateral, Rectangle, Square, and Circle)
   Drawing a Pictograph for a Given Infomation
   Reading and Interpreting a Pictograph
   Collecting Data Using Tally Marks
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