Class 5 Maths

Class 5 (All topics)

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Roman Numeral (up to 500)
   Introduction to Roman Numerals
   Write Roman Numerals for Hindu-Arabic Numerals
   Write Hindu-Arabic Numerals for Roman Numerals
   Meaningless Roman Numerals
   Compare Roman Numerals
   Operations on Roman Numerals
Large Numbers
   Representation of Large Numbers
   Successor and Predecessor
   Place of a Digit
   Compare Large Numbers
   n Digit Numbers
Operations on Large Numbers
   Numerical Expressions Without Brackets (DMAS)
   Numerical Expressions With Brackets (BODMAS)
Factors and Multiples
   Factors and Multiples of a Number
   Tests of Divisibility
   Prime Factors of a Number
   HCF and LCM
   Like and Unlike Fractions
   Unit Fraction
   Proper, Improper and Mixed Fractions
   Equivalent Fractions
   Simplest Form of a Fraction
   Compare Fractions
Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
   Addition of Fractions
   Subtraction of Fractions
   Mixed Problems on Addition and Subtraction
   Word Problems on Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
Multiplication and Division of Fractions
   Multiplication of Fractions
   Division of Fractions
   Reading a Decimal Number
   Place Value Chart
   Pictorial Representation of a Decimal Number
   Expanded Form of Decimal Numbers
   Like and Unlike Decimals
   Comparing Decimals
   Ordering Decimals
   Relate Decimals and Fractions
   Operations on Decimals
   Multiplication and Division of Decimals
Rounding Numbers
   Rounding off the Numbers
   Rounding off the Decimals
   Measures of Length
   Measures of Mass/Weight
   Measures of Capacity/Volume
   Convert a Fraction into Percentage
   Convert a Percentage into Fraction
   Convert Decimal into Percentage
   Convert Percentage into Decimal
   Percentage of a Quantity
   Word Problems on Percentage
   24-Hour Clock Time
   Use of 'AM' and 'PM'
   Converting Higher Units into Lower Units
   Converting Lower Units into Higher Units
   Addition and Subtraction of Time
   Conversion of Money
   Addition and Subtraction of Money
   Multiplication and Division of Money
   Word problems on Money
   Understand the Basic Terms in Geometry (Point, Line, line segment, ray, and Plane)
   Types of Lines
   Set Squares
   Collinear and Non-Collinear Points
Concept of Angles
   Introduction to Angles
   Naming an Angle
   Interior and Exterior of an Angle
   Comparison of Angles
   Measuring an Angle by a Protractor
   Classification of Angles
   Pairs of Relates Angles
   Drawing Angles using a Protractor
   Understanding the Concept of Perimeter
   Perimeter of a Rectilinear Figure
   Perimeter of a Triangle
   Perimeter of a Rectangle
   Perimeter of a Square
   Area of a Rectangle
   Area of a Square
Volume of Solids
   Volume of a Cuboid
   Volume of a Cube
   Line symmetry
   Rotational symmetry
   Number Patterns
   Figure Patterns
   Magic Squares
Pictograph and Bar Graph
   Bar Graph
Three Dimentional Geometry (Boxes and Sketches)
   Identify Different Solid Shapes (Cuboid, Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere, Prism, and Pyramids)
   Solid Shapes Around Us
   Vertices, Edges and Faces of Solid Objects
   Net of a 3-D Shape
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