Class 4 Maths

Class 4 (All topics)

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Roman Numerals (up to 100)
   Introduction to Roman Numerals
   Write Roman Numerals for Hindu-Arabic Numerals
   Write Hindu-Arabic Numerals for Roman Numerals
   Meaningless Roman Numerals
   Compare Roman Numerals
   Operations on Roman Numerals
Number System
   Representation of Large Numbers
   Place Value and Face Value of a Digit in a Numeral
   Expanded Form of a Number
   Successor and Predecessor
   Skip Counting
   Compare and Order Numbers
   Forming Numbers
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division
Factors and Multiples
   Factors and Multiples of a Number
   Prime and Composite Numbers
   Prime Factors of a Number by Factor Tree Method
   Tests of Divisibility
Number Patterns
   Rule for the Pattern
   Find the Missing Term in the Pattern
   Rounding Numbers
   Estimating Sum
   Estimating Difference
   Estimating Products
   Fraction as a Part of a Whole
   Fractional Numbers and Fractions
   Numerator and Denominator of a Fraction
   Division as Fraction
   Fraction as Division
   Fractions on a Number Line
   Equivalent Fractions
   Comparison of Fractions
   Like and Unlike Fractions
   Unit Fraction
   Proper, Improper and Mixed fractions
   Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
   Pictorial Representation of a Decimal Number
   Number Names of Decimal Numbers
   Place Value of the Digits of a Decimal Number
   Expanded Form of Decimal Numbers
   Express Money in Words
   Express Money in Figures
   Convert to Paise
   Convert from Paise
   Addition of Money
   Subtraction of money
   Multiplication of Money by a Whole Number
   Division of Money by a Whole Number
   Word problems on money
Measures of Length, Mass and Capacity
   Measurement of Length
   Measurement of Mass/Weight
   Measurement of Capacity/Volume
Unitary Method
   Word problems Using Unitary Method Involving Multiplication
   Word problems Using Unitary Method Involving Division
   Word problems Using Unitary Method Involving Both Multiplication and Division
   Point, Line Segment, Line and Ray
   Open and Closed Shapes
   Simple Closed Shapes
Perimeter of Rectilinear Figures
   Basic Definition of Perimeter
   Perimeter of Triangle
   Perimeter of a Rectangle
   Perimeter of a Square
   Perimeter of a Other Geometric Figures
Three-Dimensional Shapes
   Identify Different Solid Shapes (Cuboid, Cube, Cone, Cylinder, Sphere, Prism, and Pyramids)
   Vertices, Edges and Faces of Solid Objects
   Net of a 3-D Shape
   Introduction to Symmetry
   Symmetry Around Us
   Symmetry in Geometric Figures
   Symmetry in Alphabets
   Symmetry in Numerals
   Days of the Week
   Months of the Year
   Ordinary, Leap, and Century Years
   Writing Dates
   Word Problems on Calendar
Pictorial Representation of Data
   Basic Definition of Data
   Introduction to Bar Graphs
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