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Website, hereafter referred to as Edugain is the holding company of the portal and it's associated sites. Edugain understands that privacy is of primary concern to our users, and that by sharing information with us, you as a user have reposed your trust in us to handle this information with care. Please see below on what information we collect when you register or visit our website and what we do with this information.

What information do we collect:

In order to continuously improve your experience with, and to make it more effective, we collect some information from you. In addition, it is our policy to conduct business in accordance to all provisions of the law. Here are the types of information we gather

  • Information from the user : is targeted at helping students improve and enhance their performance in school. We provide a service which can be individualized to tailor the student's individual needs. As such, we need to gather information about the class the student studies in. In order to enhance the experience the student has with the website we also ask for the student's name and school. We do not check these entries. We also require that you provide us with your email. This is used to verify your identity, and for the ability of the website to contact you. This information will not be shared with anyone else without your permission. As we expand our services, we can optionally ask for additional information that would help us deliver better service to you. Any such information will be explicitly requested. Additionally, certain sections of the site may be available only to content subscribers. For access to these sections, additional information that is required to do transactions related to access to these sections will be collected. These sections will be clearly indicated, along with the specifics of the information required and any additional relevant terms and conditions.
  • Automatic information : In order to provide a personalized experience at, we will use "cookies" (or a similar mechanism). Cookies are randomized strings that can contain information about your usage of the site. Additionally we collect information on the type of browser/operating system, timezone so that you can have a seamless and optimal experience of the site. This information can be deleted by you at any time (please check your browser on how to do this).
  • Information from other sources : We may receive information from other sources including our partners. This information will be treated in the same secure and confidential manner as any information you may provide to us directly.
  • Information shared by users : Edugain also provides a platform for you to exchange information related to (but not limited to) schools, subjects, and examinations. Information may be shared by you or other users as part of content of this platform and this information would be visible to all registered visitors of the site. We do not control or protect this information as it is shared by users for viewing by other users.
  • What we do with this information : This information will be stored in a secure manner in our databases and will not be shared with any other entity without your permission. Any information that needs to be secured will be transmitted using SSL. Additionally we suggest that you do not leave yourself logged in (or use the "Keep me Logged in" feature) if you are using a shared computer. Any financial transaction if needed will be done using secure and reputed third-party financial companies. We will not keep any information related to this in our system/site.

We will be using your contact information to periodically communicate with you about products, services and promotions from us our from entities allied with us. We may also share this information with trusted partners on a limited basis so that they can market their products and services with you.

We will be regularly reviewing our privacy policy and updating it. Please check this location for the latest version of the policy.

Additional Information: may feature advertisements from third parties. We do not provide any information on our users to them.

Terms of Use

Welcome to and it's associated sites. The terms "Edugain" and "" as referred to in this document refers to the website. By using our site, you are agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions stated herein. Please read them carefully. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use the website.

In this document, the usage of the word "us" or "Site" means "".

This agreement is the complete and sole agreement between you and, and it obviates and overrides any previous agreements, representations and understandings with respect to the content of the site, and any service provided as part of". This agreement may be amended by us at a later stage without specific notice. The content on this page shall represent that latest form of the "Terms and Agreements" between us and you. provides a service to you - the content provided by us is aimed to help you and your children improve their performance in school. We do that by creating content that helps them hone their skills and understanding of the subjects taught to them at school or home. We additionally provide contents that enriches their educational experience in terms of articles and project ideas. Other information related to education will also be added to the site and we will update this document to reflect any changes related to those additions.

You may use the information on the site for your personal, non-commercial use. You may not copy, republish, display, distribute, transmit any of the content herein. You may print copies of the generated tests or other contents on the site for your own personal, non-commercial use. You may forward the URL of the site to anyone for non-commercial use. Usage under "Fair Use" doctrines as acceptable under law are permitted. You may not use software to harvest or otherwise collate information from the site. You may not use any service provided by us in any manner that violates any legal statute in any country.

Additionally, we also provide a platform for you to exchange information related to (but not limited to) schools, subjects, and examinations. If you submit information for this service, you are representing that you have valid rights and title in any and all Content/Images that you submit, that you have not infringed on any Intellectual Property Rights belonging to any party and further that you will indemnify. You are prohibited from adding any material that is offensive, derogatory, defamatory, threatening vulgar or illegal. Any violation of this will result in immediate suspension of access rights and may be brought to the notice of the law.

Note that Edugain reserves the right to change this agreement and/or our subscription model by sending a prior notice to your registered email address.

This site may contain advertisements. Hosting an advertisement does not imply an endorsement of the product or entity being advertised, nor do we guarantee the veracity of the contents of any advertisement.

Use Model

Users are expected to register to use the contents of this site. Registration will include giving information including a functional email address. This email address will be used for all communications between Edugain and registered users unless the user specifies otherwise. The registration process could involve providing additional information which can be used to tune the content of the site for a your specific needs. A registered user have to use a username and a password to access the site. You, as a user, are entirely responsible to ensure that your username and password are secure. Each registration is meant for a single person only. As a user, you may use the same registration for your children. You are not permitted to share this username and password with other individuals. Since this site is targeted towards enhancing the education of children, it is expected that these children will also use the contents of this site. However, you, as their parent are expected to be the primary owner of the registration. It is also expected that you, as a parent, are responsible for the activity of your children on this site.

If we have reasonable cause to believe that these guidelines are being contravened, we reserve all right to cancel your access rights to the site. If you have any active paid subscription(s) at the time your access rights are cancelled, we will refund you the amount paid by you for those active subscriptions, prorated by the amount of time the paid subscriptions have already been active/used.

Paid Subscriptions and Refund Policy

While some contents and services available on Edugain are free, users can access more contents and services by buying paid subscriptions for specific time durations (monthly, half-yearly or yearly). Details of contents and services that get enabled for the user on buying a particular subscription for chosen duration are mentioned on the page describing the subscription.

Payments for buying subscriptions are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used subscription periods.


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